Kill the Clutter Bundle – Clutter I & II

With this fantastic Clutter Bundle, clear the clutter!
The 2 Ultimate Un-Hidden Object Game is fun to play!

Clutter I & Clutter II, are the original two Clutter games, all in one location! Choose between playing the timeless Clutter I and its direct sequel, Clutter II. With endless levels and a variety of game modes, you'll understand why the Clutter series rose to prominence as one of the most well-liked hidden-object and non-hidden-object game series.



  • There are a ton of minigames to play in the Clutter series.
  • Can you clear the clutter in this double dose of Un-hidden Object action?
  • The Killer Clutter Bundle includes two of the original Clutter games in one convenient location, classic gaming modes, the ability to replay favourite levels, and procedurally generated levels.


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