The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths

Assist Tao, Zia, and Esteban in escaping Zar and his goons!

Navigate a multitude of levels with challenging riddles and cunning traps for Esteban, Zia, and Tao in a variety of stunning and varied environments. In search of the lost City of Gold, explore every corner of China and elude Zar's hostile troops. Staying true to the plot and visual aesthetic of the renowned anime Mysterious Cities of Gold, Secret Paths allows you to delve deeply into this amazing multi-media realm. Any of the main characters are available for you to play, and each hero has unique abilities that you must use to your advantage when taking on the various tasks. However, you have to pick carefully their personality counts!





- Exquisite graphics true to the original, cherished Mysterious Cities of Gold art style
- Discover a variety of environments, from the dense Asian forests to the center of the Forbidden City to the legendary Chinese City of Gold
- Unlock excellent cinematic cut-scenes taken directly from the Mysterious Cities of Gold cartoon along with unique artwork and virtual goods.
- Make use of the unique abilities and traits of the three friends to your advantage when navigating the numerous traps, puzzles, and obstacles that stand in your way.

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