Spring in Japan – Mosaic Edition

Learn about Japanese culture in the spring.

Explore Japanese culture in the spring by following the adventures and romantic pursuits of a young American journalist. Following further clues, the young woman travels to Japan after receiving an enigmatic letter. She is enhanced by the Far Eastern culture in the hopes of reuniting with her lost love. Select the difficulty level that suits you. Play a variety of minigames and 80 mosaic puzzles. Pay attention to the directions for the sushi rolls, ikebana, and tea ceremony. As you advance in the game, take in the Japanese environment.





- Enjoy a variety of puzzles in each chapter
- Participate in the four chapters of the romantic adventure
- Play 80 vibrant mosaic levels and 16 minigames + bonus chapter
- Follow directions to make tea, sushi, and ikebana
- Finish the Herbarium, gather souvenirs, and write kanji

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