Four Seasons Around the World: Summer in Italy

Savor a thrilling Italian Match 3 Adventure!

Following a springtime journey to Japan, the story takes us to sunny Italy. Assist a young American journalist who is following her friend the French photographer François's clues. I'm hoping she'll finally get to see him and spend the summer in Italy. Select the difficulty level that suits you. Gather the mementoes and gather the Italian herbs and spices. Play a variety of minigames and 80 Match 3 levels. Cook pasta, ice cream, and pizza according to the directions. As you advance through the game, visit stunning, historically and culturally rich regions of Italy.





- This romantic adventure has four chapters.

- You can play 80 thrilling Match 3 levels and 19 minigames.

- You can follow the directions to make pizza, pasta, and ice cream.

- Each chapter has a variety of puzzles to solve.

- You can also gather Italian spice herbs, collect mementoes, and restore ancient mosaics.

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