Solitaire Victorian Picnic 2

Explore Victorian-era England!

Here we are in Victorian England. Here is your one-of-a-kind chance to immerse yourself in the enchanted world of romance and love at Solitaire Victorian Picnic 2. Observe the development of a relationship in the Victorian era, including the location and details of the first date, the lifestyle and traditions of the couple, and the attire worn by the women and gentlemen. Immerse yourself in a world of captivating dances during a wedding ball in the aristocratic society of London.





- Test your mettle in Solitaire Victorian Picnic 2
- Finish all stages to unlock a new era of history
- Acquire familiarity with a plethora of bonuses and features to aid in level completion
- Discover how the tale unfolds
- Beat 120 levels of varying difficulty!
- Bring yourself back to the era of Victorian London with these vibrant trophies and awards.

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