Solitaire Game Halloween

Sadly 120 fresh solitaire levels with a Halloween theme!
Not a ruse!

Halloween Solitaire offers 120 levels, 12 enigmatic settings, hilarious Halloween-themed soundtrack, and incredibly engaging gameplay. To obtain genuine Halloween goodies, construct chains of cards, utilize bonuses, and execute different combinations! There are numerous unique prizes and achievements for the more brave players. Expert solitaire players and novices alike can find enjoyment in customizing the game's level of complexity. Treat or trick! Enjoy playing our unique holiday solitaire with fresh hands!





- A fun solitaire game for both novices and advanced players!
- With 12 locations, 120 levels, and multiple difficulty settings, players can create chains of cards, use bonuses, and receive bonus rewards.
- For more brave players, we also provide unique achievements and trophies.

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