Solitaire Game Christmas

Upon the arrival of Christmas, my genuine affection gifted me...
Christmas Solitaire is back!

A 12-day Christmas celebration. What surprises are they holding for you? A thrilling game! To finish the level, create chains of cards and take out the golden cards! There are 120 fresh and distinct stages, which translates to 120 brand-new solitaire games. Twelve opulent Christmas-themed settings offering more than fifteen hours of gaming! Thanks to its two difficulty settings, Solitaire Game Christmas is enjoyable for both novice and expert players. Put yourself to the test by finishing the locations in both difficulty settings and selecting your preferred game mechanic. For those who enjoy solitaire, this game makes the ideal Christmas present! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!





-A fun game of solitaire suitable for both novices and veterans!
- There are twelve places, one hundred and twenty stages, and multiple difficulty options.
- For courageous players, there are extra achievements and awards.
- Christmas winter backdrop and high-quality visuals.

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