Skyland: Heart of the Mountain Collector’s Edition

Discover a brand-new world perched above sleeping titans.
Heart of the Mountain in Skyland

In a fantastical universe, the planet's surface perished and shriveled beneath the poisonous emissions. The survivors took to the sleeping giants as they escaped. The artifacts from a bygone era turned out to be a limitless supply of energy that restored civilization as a whole. But something dark hovers over the Skyland. Individuals are going missing without a trace, and it appears that your father's untimely death may be related to this. It is your responsibility to discover the truth behind it with the help of your dependable airship Nightingale crew. Join forces with your sister Adrianne to unravel the mystery of your father's demise and catch a peek at the prehistoric culture that molded our planet. Along the way, you will likely run upon the enigmatic Bal the Sole and wonder about the nature of life itself. No matter where your journey takes you, Skyland won't be the same.





- Enter a universe built on the backs of sleeping giants!
- Accompany the Nightingale crew as they journey through the Skyland!
- Crack more than fifty puzzles with a steampunk theme!
- Uncover the secret history of the enigmatic Bal the Sole!
- Join forces with your sister Adrianne to exact revenge on your father!

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