9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek

A unique hidden object adventure with a gameplay-enhancing Detective Mode!

Helen Hunter, a reporter, contacts a paranormal private investigator and begs for aid in a scared voice. She begs the protagonist to hurry to the coastal town of Serpent Creek. Helen is nowhere to be found when the detective arrives at her destination. And the manager of the nearby hotel where she allegedly slept claims to have never seen the blonde reporter. This case will undoubtedly test the protagonist's detective abilities. She must find clues and piece them together quickly in order to discover what is truly going on in Serpent Creek and what fate has befallen her friend.





- Unique Detective Mode: uncover clues and piece them together

- Thrilling storyline set in 1950s America

- Unique, varied locations

- Hand-painted graphics

- Map and journal that include current tasks and information about characters

- Over 10 minigames and 20 achievements to unlock

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240 MB

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