Deadly Puzzles: Toymaker

Take on the Toymaker, a serial murderer, and put a halt to his horrific crime spree!

When an enigmatic serial murderer starts killing young ladies, investigators are left scratching their heads over how to decipher the madman's cunning schemes. His peculiar toys that he leaves at crime scenes are his grim calling card, earning the killer the moniker Toymaker from the media. The investigating detective believes there is little chance of apprehending the insane person. But when the murderer himself sends him a package with a video inside, everything changes. Our heroine has to search crime sites for hints left by the murderer and piece together the story that links each of the Toymaker's victims in order to track down the psychopath. Does accepting the killer's challenge entail her entering a losing race against time? Has she merely put herself in the killer's crosshairs, or will she find out who he is and stop him?




  • Exciting hidden-object scenes
  • A gripping crime story about a cunning serial murderer
  • Difficult puzzles
  • Addicting mini games
  • Hand-drawn artwork
  • Interactive location map and journal
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