Shopping Clutter: The Best Playground

Assist the Walker family in locating every piece of equipment needed to set up a kids' playground among the debris.

The entire Walker family decided to create the ideal playground because they were disappointed that their town did not have a location where kids of all ages and their parents could spend quality time together. The Walkers are an animal family of travellers who are well-known to all fans of the Travel Mosaic series. However, since things turned out to be more difficult than they had anticipated, the Walkers had to work hard and clear the clutter off the store shelves in order to locate all the equipment they needed. Shopping Clutter: The Perfect Playground comprises 140 clutter puzzles where the player must locate the required items amidst the chaos. Players who are persistent and focused will also be able to access 20 more levels with a variety of riddles. Shopping Clutter is a vibrant and captivating game that engages players of all ages in brain stimulation.





  • A brand-new game from the makers of Travel Mosaics
  • 140 clutter problems plus an extra 20 puzzles
  • Well-known characters and humorous dialogue
  • Vibrant graphics and genuine difficulties for puzzle enthusiasts of all stripes
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170 MB

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