Shopping Clutter 9: Perfect Wedding

Aid the Walker family with organizing Mr. Rat's nuptials!
In Clutter Shopping 9: Ideal Wedding

The eatery owned by the Walker Family is doing well. Locals in Animalville refer to it as the best location in town. Even Evil, Inc.'s boss, Mr. Rat, stopped over to urge Walkers to help him plan his own wedding in their eatery! The restaurant Walkers' exquisite yard is the ideal setting for wedding ceremonies. However, nothing will help this event succeed! The Walkers are in need of your assistance now to find all the decorations and necessities. There are 140 clutter problems in Shopping Clutter 9: Perfect Wedding where the player must locate the appropriate items among the chaos. Players who are persistent and focused will also be able to access 20 more levels with a variety of riddles.





- There are 200 NEW things to play with!

- Find out who Mr. Rat's enigmatic fiancé is!
- Beautiful, romantic, and enjoyable story
- Relaxing ambient sounds, soft sounds, and masterpieces of music for more comfortable and enjoyable playing
- 140 clutter puzzles and 20 additional puzzles
- Favorite characters and funny dialogue
- Colorful graphics and real challenges for all the puzzle fans
- Beautiful, romantic, and enjoyable story
- Discover who turns out to be Mr. Ratée!

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