Shopping Clutter 8: from Gloom to Bloom

Assist the Walkers in reopening Auntie Sheep's flower business in Shopping Clutter 8: From Gloom to Bloom.

Auntie Sheep made the decision to fulfill a long-held desire of hers and travel to the cities with the most exquisite flowers in the world. She gave Sloth Walker the task of managing her flower shop before she left. Sloth utterly neglected his responsibilities and wrecked the flower shop while assembling a jigsaw puzzle! It is now up to the Walkers to repair it and save flowers and plants before Auntie Sheep comes! There are 140 clutter puzzles in Shopping Clutter 8: From Gloom to Bloom, where the player must locate the appropriate items among the chaos. Players who are persistent and focused will also be able to access 20 more levels with a variety of riddles.





  • There are 200 NEW things to play with!
  • Relaxing ambient sounds, soft music masterpieces for a more comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience
  • 140 clutter puzzles plus an extra 20 puzzles
  • Your favorite characters and amusing conversations
  • Vibrant graphics and exciting challenges for all puzzle fans
  • A plethora of different flowers: test your knowledge trying to name them all
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