Shopping Clutter 3: Blooming Tale

Assist the Walker family in locating everything they require to furnish Auntie Sheep's flower business!

The Walkers—the animal family of travelers well-known to all the fans of “Travel Mosaic” series—decided to help the Auntie Sheep with decorating her flower shop. After moving to Animalville Auntie Sheep realized there were not enough blossoming flowers and plants hanging from the balconies of the apartment buildings, and so she decided to alter things for the better and start up a flower shop. But decorating turned out to be not as easy as she expected, so her pals the Walkers have to do a lot and clean out the store shelves’ clutter to find all the essential equipment and flowers. “Shopping Clutter 3: Blooming Tale” comprises 140 “clutter” puzzles where the player needs to find the appropriate objects in the mess. In addition, the patient and attentive players will have the access to 20 additional levels of diverse riddles. “Shopping Clutter 3” is a wonderful, colorful brain-jogging game for gamers of all ages.





- New game from the creators of “Travel Mosaics”
- 140 “clutter” puzzles and 20 additional puzzles
- Favorite characters and funny dialogues
- Colorful graphics and real challenges for all the fans of puzzles
- Lots of different flowers: test your knowledge trying to name them all

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