Shopping Clutter 26: Christmas Rocks

Plan 'The Walkers' Christmas Special' concert!

A local TV station has debuted in the picturesque town of Animalville, which is expanding and growing quickly. It's modest, small, and not well known, but that will all change when Christmas rolls around. The Walker family was invited to participate in a special television program named 'The Walkers' Christmas Special' by the AnimalTV crew.




- New Items with a Christmas Theme to be Discovered!

- 20 more puzzles in addition to 140 'clutter' puzzles to play!

- Soothing tones and beautiful melodies to be appreciated!

- Vibrant images and genuine obstacles for all puzzle enthusiasts.

- Funny banter and beloved characters!

- Christmas joy, rock, and a festive mood!

- Join the Walkers and become a rock star!

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