Shopping Clutter 23: Beauty Salon

In Shopping Clutter 23: Beauty shop, assist the Walker family with setting up the Walkers & Rat beauty shop.

Help the Walkers open the Walkers & Rat beauty parlor while you can still see Animalville behind the piles of fur! The past few years have seen a discernible increase in the population of Animalville, our little hamlet. Spas, beauty salons, and hair salons have started to vanish among the animals. The impoverished town's fur-covered citizens are messy and filthy. Some animals' fur has begun to mat and get in the way of their daily routines, and others have begun to shed horribly. Big fur clumps are flying over the city now, people are sneezing, and scissors are in great demand. Animalville is about to experience an incredible catastrophe! To put things right, our family decided to remove all of this endless fur. Panther and Squirrel Walker have also been discussing opening their own beauty salon for some time. We could not think of a better time. Sweet Uncle Rat, who also dreamed of getting haircuts, agreed to help us and even provided us a room on the top floor of his new tower. We have to get the Walkers & Rat beauty parlor set up quickly while Animalville can still be seen beneath the piles of fur. Play with NEW fashion-related goods! There are 140 Clutter problems in total, plus an additional 20 puzzles. There are also soothing noises and excellent music for a fun gaming experience. There are also lovable characters and humorous banter. The graphics are colorful and the gameplay is hard for puzzle enthusiasts of all skill levels. Prevent the adversary from undermining Squirrel's aspirations. Savor the mysteries, research, astute tactics, and distinctive ambience of the luxury fashion sector!

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