Shopping Clutter 21: Coffeehouse

Come along with the Walkers on an incredible, new coffee journey!

After their vacation, the Walkers are rejuvenated and full of new business ideas. They discovered that the mornings were practically deserted at their eatery. People don't have time to wait for elaborate dinners because they are in a rush. Most of them are content to have a doughnut and a cup of coffee before work. The Walker family concluded that an ideal coffee shop is something Animalville needs. Hardworking residents can get a coffee to go, while more laid-back residents can indulge themselves in exotic sorts of coffee and delicious pastries at the tables. The whole family was excited about this notion. Now, all they'll need is your skilful hands and perceptive eyes to locate the ideal equipment and stylish furniture for the coffee shop. Come along with the Walkers on an incredible, new coffee journey!





- Brand-new, toy goods with a coffee theme!
- There are 140 Clutter Style puzzles plus an extra 20 puzzles
- The game is made enjoyable by musical masterpieces and soothing sounds
- Funny dialogues and beloved characters
- Vibrant graphics and genuine challenges for puzzle fans
- The Walkers have created a Carrot Macchiato, Tropical Iced Coffee, Hazelnut Mochaccino, Diet Frappé and other specialities!

- Find out which coffee each member of the Walker family likes to drink!

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