Shopping Clutter 17: Detective Agency

Help the Walkers in their investigation into Hare stealing a bicycle!

Animalville has always been a peaceful neighborhood. The largest crime that had ever happened here was illegal parking. But one night, everything changed. A horrible deed had been committed. The Walkers had bought Little Hare a brand-new, exquisite, shining bicycle for his birthday, but it was gone! Squirrel was unable to bear witnessing her sibling's suffering. She decided it was time to handle things herself. Her parents and the police department naturally sprang to help the rookie investigator with such a strange case. Walkers' Detective Agency was preparing for business, having rented an office! In addition to the items needed for interviewing witnesses and obtaining evidence, the family will also need supplies for furnishing the office. Without the help of a sharp observer and logical thinker, the Walkers will never be able to identify the horrible offender! In Shopping Clutter 17: Detective Agency, you'll take part in a thrilling inquiry aimed at bringing Animalville's peace back!





- Brand-new playthings with a detective theme!
- 140 clutter-style puzzles plus 20 extra puzzles
- Calm music and soothing sounds for a fun game
- Well-known characters and humorous dialogue
- Vibrant graphics and genuine challenges for puzzle enthusiasts
- Puzzles that require deduction, unexpected plot twists, and a unique atmosphere!

- Discover who the worst criminal in Animalville is!

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