Shopping Clutter 13: Mr. Claus on Vacation

Help the Walkers arrange for Mr. Claus to go on vacation! In Clutter 13: Buying While on Vacation, Mr.

The Walkers were enjoying themselves while they decorated their Christmas tree when a phone call disrupted their peace. On the other end of the line, they could hear Dasher's concerned voice. The reindeer went almost crazy as he tried to convey the situation. As it turned out, Santa Claus had vanished! Thus, everyone will have a spoilt Christmas as no one will be around to distribute the gifts! The Walkers set out for a tropical island using the coordinates of Santa Claus's last-known position. Upon their arrival, the rescuers learn that Santa is referred to as Mr. Claus on the island and that he has never been kidnapped. Mr. Claus said he didn't want to go back to work and that he was unhappy with his existing circumstances. The Walkers then worked up a fast and perfect holiday for him. This assignment is going to be challenging. The Walker family is relying on your cunning and sharp eyes to get everything they require for the best vacation ever and to keep Christmas alive!




- 200 more NEW toys with a Christmas theme to play with!

- Enjoy Christmas on a tropical island with these puzzle fans:
- 140 clutter puzzles plus 20 extra puzzles
- Calm sounds and masterpiece music for fun gameplay
- Your favorite characters and hilarious dialogue
- Vibrant graphics and genuine challenges for all puzzle fans
- Find out what happened to Santa Claus!

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