Shopping Clutter 11: Magical Garden

Help the Walkers furnish their outdoor space with enchantment!
Purchasing Clutter 11: Enchanted Garden

The Animalville School's principal, Uncle Turkey, decided to encourage the kids' abilities. His wonderful idea was to create a magical park-like playground close to the school, perfect for primary school children, where they could participate in programs related to natural science, literature, art, and music. Uncle Turkey could not figure out how to accomplish his goal, so he decided to ask the Walkers for help! The family is full of ideas on how to create a genuinely one-of-a-kind and spectacular playground, but they will need your assistance to get everything they need!





  • 200 more NEW things to play with!
  • 140 clutter puzzles plus 20 extra puzzles
  • Calm music and soothing sounds for fun gameplay
  • Well-known characters and humorous dialogue
  • Vibrant graphics and challenging puzzles for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages
  • Assist Animalville's kids in exploring their creative side! Take in the enchanted environment of your early years!
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