Settlers of the West

Is it possible to control the American West?
You're in for a fantastic town and resource management experience!

A city-building playground situated in the American frontier of the 1850s is called Settlers of the West. From the comfort of your couch, tame the Wild West as you choose which structures your settlements should have mines, saloons, farms, and many more! Settlers and several pack animals, such as mules, horses, and oxen, should move in. Employ people for a range of positions, such as miner, farmer, researcher to unlock new technologies, doctor, or sheriff to assist with difficulties in the West and more! This entertaining town and resource management adventure has over 25 unique and upgradeable buildings, 45 difficult settlements to finish, historical trails, towns, and notorious most wanted outlaws, charming characters with two distinct game stories, nearly five hours of fun and unique western gameplay, delightfully charming art and music, and achievements and additional challenges that extend gameplay.

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