Magician’s Handbook 2: Blacklore

In this immersive adventure, stop BlackLore, the magical pirate!

Enter a magical and enigmatic realm once more with Magician's Handbook 2 Blacklore. Search for the wicked magician pirate Blacklore, who has kidnapped all the magicians and fairies in the globe, using the magical Magician's Handbook as your guide. He's terrified everyone who has attempted to stand in his way by using their power to fly his pirate ship, and you're next on his hit list!


Explore fantastical locations such as a creepy school for young ghosts, a talking tree-filled underground paradise, and a gloomy swamphouse where witches kidnap guests and turn them into members of their household! Will you be BlackLore's next victim, or will you be able to stop him? You may find over a thousand magical items, spells, and a range of original and difficult riddles in Magician's Handbook 2 Blacklore!

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