Royal Roads – Collector’s Edition

Give the missing princess back!
As you travel through a realm straight out of a fairy tale.

In a mystical country there once lived a princess by the name of Layna. Her advisors initially held the power while she lived her days in worry-free pleasure because she was unable to inherit the throne before reaching adulthood. Above all, Layna was eagerly anticipating her crowning. She knew her wish had come true when it eventually arrived. But all of a sudden, an elderly witch interrupted the festivities. With a flick of her wrist, the unexpected visitor declared that the kingdom had not been waiting all those years for an heir like her, and the royal hall went completely dark. Layna closed her eyes, waking up to find herself in a dilapidated farm's haystack. Why can't anyone recall the princess, and what exactly transpired in the throne room that day? Layna sets off on a quest to track down the wicked witch. Will she be able to end the evil spell, or will she fade into oblivion forever? Accompany the princess on her journey, relish in the splendor of her enchanted realm, form new friendships, and surmount challenges collectively to attain the desired objective! All ages will find the gameplay captivating with over 40 levels.





- Straight forward tutorial with progressively harder levels
- a cheerful storyline with vibrant characters
- an assortment of quests.
- A remarkable and enchanted realm
- An abundance of awards for specialists

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