Royal Roads 2: The Magic Box Collector’s Edition

Fresh experiences in the lovely realm of magic!
The Magic Box Collector's Edition of Royal Roads 2

Once more, the magical portal of fantasy unfolds before us. You are in for new spells and mysteries. You will encounter wise druids, mystical elves, grumpy dwarves, and both good and evil sorcerers in the game! In the time management game Royal Roadways 2, you travel across an enchanted kingdom's roadways. Following a greeting, your amazing journey starts within the castle. Among the gifts, one caught my attention. It had an impact on the kingdom's situation. Layna needs to work out how to return everything to normal. Awaiting her, what? Who is this dark wizard? How can she make the kingdom's peace and order return? How is she going to break the spell? Assist Layna in discovering the answers to all the mysteries, rebuilding the country, and taking back her crown! You'll have to decide Princess Layna's course of action, reconstruct communities, assist outsiders and subjects, and solve riddles in the mystical kingdom. In the lovely wizardry and magical world of Royal Roads 2, new adventures are waiting for you! All ages will find the gameplay captivating with over 40 levels.





- Lively plot, vivid characters
- A variety of quests. A remarkable and enchanting planet

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