Royal Mahjong – King’s Journey

Explore your domain, gather tiles made of gold and silver, increase your wealth, and stockpile treasure!

Your Majesty, brace yourself for an eventful day ahead! Firstly, the royal hunt beckons you to the depths of the Forbidden Forest. Following the hunt, a visit to the armory awaits, where our finest armor craftsmen will showcase their creations for your appraisal. However, the pinnacle of today's agenda is the knight's tournament held in your honor. Have you remembered that the tournament victor is to be bestowed a gift directly from your hand during a grand ceremony in the throne room? Amidst your noble pursuits, indulge in a delightful game where you connect chains of tiles, watching your wealth grow with each strategic move. Onward, Your Majesty, to play and triumph!





  • A new era dawns for Mahjong enthusiasts
  • Embark on a regal journey accompanied by a captivating narrative for puzzle aficionados
  • Unlock 8 bonuses and enhance each one to your liking
  • Conquer 60 uniquely crafted levels on your quest
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