RestorArt: Fairwood Hills Collector’s Edition

Are you ready to taken on the latest art challenges with RestorArt: Fairwood Hills Collector's Edition

Embark on a thrilling journey as a burgeoning talent in the realm of art restoration! Within this captivating game, valuable artworks and images are revitalized, while the hidden narratives woven within each piece are uncovered.

As a skilled restorer within the idyllic village of Fairwood Hills, your prowess garners the attention of eccentric and endearing personalities, each possessing their own cherished artworks awaiting your transformative touch. Every restoration poses a unique challenge, from mending torn paintings depicting a farm lady's father's beloved horses to salvaging movie posters destroyed in a café owner's possession or even removing stickers from a young girl's Oriental art.


Collector's Edition Features

  • Over 80 distinctive levels, encompassing hidden object sequences, artwork restoration, number coloring, and stamp matching.
  • An immersive puzzle game replete with diverse challenges.
  • Enchanting locales adorned with captivating visuals.
  • A plethora of mini-games to engage in.
  • A narrative that warms the heart.
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1080 MB

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