Twistingo Collector’s Edition

Are you able to locate the nine Tiki statues that vanished from the island?

Twistingo blends several popular game genres, including classic bingo, marble-matching games, pair matching stages that resemble clutter, and some HO levels done in a unique way. As a result, the whole family could take pleasure in an enjoyable yet challenging game.




- Levels and game modes in the non-CE version:
- 30+ bingo/zuma-like levels
- 6 clutter and 3 HO levels
- 9 Tiki statue revealing levels



Collector's Edition Features:

- +15 clutter and +3 HO levels in the story mode
- +9 clutter levels with infinite mode (randomly generated levels)
- +3 minigame modes for collecting more coins
- collectibles purchasable by collected coins
- soothing pictures in a gallery, music player, and replaying the story

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