Rainbow Pixel

Bright Pixel!
A fun puzzle game that's also a great way to unwind after a demanding day.

After a demanding day, Rainbow Pixel is a fun puzzle game that offers a great chance to unwind. Draw pictures by numbers to make your own collection of vibrant graphics. Play with delight and solve riddles. You may now play your favorite puzzle game anywhere you go and feel at home! Save your work whenever you want! Playing the game is made more enjoyable by its easy controls and abundance of tools and suggestions. Both novices and seasoned puzzle solvers will enjoy this game. Bright rays of the rising sun, gorgeous scenery, adorable animals, a variety of delectable snacks, and much more are all waiting for you!





- 120 excellent puzzles
- Ingenious gameplay design: alter the backdrop color, turn cancel, and magnify
- Capability to save and resume a puzzle at any moment
- Calm and pleasant background music

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