Rainbow Mosaics – The Forest’s Guardian

In this stunning mosaics game with rainbow colors, get to know the Forest's Guardian!

Diana, the primary character, has always had a passion for travel. She has travelled nearly the whole length and breadth of the nation with her devoted dog, Max. And during one of those excursions, Diana's car broke down on a remote road through the woods. From that point on, adventures began to come at her at a breakneck pace. Getting to know a valiant woodland guardian, facing up against evil robbers, and engaging in a perplexing chase you may experience all of these trials alongside Diana and emerge as a man among men!





- Stunning mosaics of up to 6 colours
- Thrilling gameplay on 120 distinct levels
- Logic-based game
- Many tile skins to select from
- Upgradeable power-ups that will assist you throughout the game
- Colorful themed backgrounds

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Release Date
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50 MB

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