Princess Solitaire

Play magic solitaire to protect the Kingdom of Marderburg from the evil witch's charms.

The Kingdom of Marderburg is getting ready to commemorate the wealth and success of the royal dynasty's 500th anniversary. The prince from the adjacent realm in particular is among the esteemed guests that the king, princess, and her fairy godmother are eager to greet. They nearly went all out, but they chose not to invite the evil witch. Offended by this, she charmed the prince and proceeded to inflict chaos and time spells upon the fortress. These are the card magic spells, too! As the master of ceremonies for the kingdom, it is your responsibility to assist the fairy in countering the witch's spells and removing their effects. Play solitaire games and take out magic cards to get scrolls, keys, and other essential items! The game conceals a wide variety of barriers and boosters, unusual card layouts, and genuine challenges. The most persistent, astute, and brave players should take on this challenge. Are you prepared to use just your cards and brains to defeat the evil witch? Play Princess Solitaire to prevent the kingdom from collapsing! Play 165 incredible levels!





- Examine various card offerings and challenges!
- To win, make use of wild cards, boosters, and jokers!
- Appreciate an intriguing storyline and assignments!
- Dive into a world straight out of a fairy tale!

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