Picross Hansel And Gretel

Red Riding Hood and the Woodcutter's children need assistance in battling a very cunning and evil

In order to defeat a very cunning and evil witch, the children of Red Riding Hood and the Woodcutter need assistance. Fans of riddles of all kinds should expect an entertaining story. Anticipate several quests across distinct, secretive worlds. As you answer Japanese crosswords, they emerge in vibrant colors and take on new dimensions. You're in for a treat a brand-new universe full of personalities! You can immerse yourself in your most enjoyable memories with the help of fantastic premium-quality visuals, 200 distinct levels of changing complexity, nonograms from 10x10 to 30x30, and soothing background music.





- After they are answered, the puzzles come to life with light!
- Five distinct realms and two hundred indelible stages!
- Excellent exercise for refining your logical and abstract reasoning skills!
- Cute marine life, including fish, starfish, octopi, crabs, and dolphins!
- An easy-to-use UI and thrilling gameplay!
- A magical tale featuring sorcerers and ethereal incantations!
- Mini-games and dialogues that’ll leave you wanting more!
- Over 15 awards and trophies for extra tasks!
- Beautiful artwork and wonderful music!
- More than 30 hours of fascinating gameplay!
- The best method to have fun and grow your intellect!

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