Persian Nights – Sands of Wonders

A dark cloud is rising over Persia!

Over Persia, dark clouds are gathering. The nation is on the verge of collapse due to Grand Vizier Zaved's brutal leadership in place of the terminally ill King. To make matters worse, entire communities are being corrupted by a mysterious illness that has suddenly surfaced. As a proficient apothecary, Tara feels obligated to look into the matter. She will have to overcome many dangers, work through a number of puzzles, travel to realms outside of Persia, and confront the most evil foe to have ever threatened this planet on her adventure. Don't let Tara travel alone; instead, accompany her on her journey. It looks like she might need some assistance in the coming days.





- 35 Full Screen Locations + 6 Maze locations
- 12 Minigames, 3 of which involve combat
- 7 distinct hidden object scenes
- 5 potion brewing sequences
- 5 acrobatic puzzles
- 31 achievements

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