Persian Nights 2: The Moonlight Veil Collector’s Edition

Persian Nights 2: The Moonlight Veil CE requires you to go beyond The Moonlight Veil in order to save your sister.

For the sake of safety, the Academy of Sorcery limits the use of magic as the Twin Moons of Persia get closer to their full phase. But three kids disappear out of thin air when the Arcstone blows up. Discover every corner of the Persian Academy of Sorcery, journey to abandoned ruins, walk through eerie forests, and search the world beyond your own for your missing sister! Persia is home to many strange species! The majority of them are antagonistic, but a few little allies are just waiting for a courageous person to join her on her adventure. Find all sorts of mystical Moonlings strewn about the Academy and persuade them to accompany you! The Moonlight Veil fable is the most well-known of the many Persian folktales. Is it merely a legend, though? Pay attention to the hints and where your research leads you!



- Take on the role of Melika, a perceptive and humorous magic student!
- Look into your sister's disappearance at the Persian Academy of Sorcery!
- Locate and tame every Moonling, your cuddly magical assistant!
- Use HO settings and puzzles to test your wizardry!
- Uncover the secret concealed behind The Moonlight Veil!

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