Paper Land

Aid a valiant Knight in slaying the terrifying dragon!

There there was a kingdom named Paper Land that was located in a far-off place. It was protected from all enemies by gallant knights, and everything was quiet and tranquil. However, a massive and terrifying dragon struck one day, wreaking havoc across the entire nation. Not even the army of the monarch could stop him. The only knight to make it out alive was a young, inexperienced (and, let's face it, cowardly) one. He intended to exact the kingdom's retribution on the dragon. Assist him in finishing this hazardous and challenging endeavour!





- A hundred different and difficult levels
- Two modes: restricted or unlimited moves
- Excellent comics to aid in the story's discovery
- Use bonuses to get beyond the trickiest levels
- Enjoy a world where everything is made of paper!

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