Mystery Loss

Locate the missing canary!

Aid! The bird has flown! Did the cat consume it? No, a kidnapping occurred! Our courageous grandmother and her amusing cat Leonardo must now investigate who abducted Twiggy the canary and why. The offender needs to exercise extreme caution because our grandmother was a detective in the past and is skilled at looking into complex cases. Accompany Grandma and Leonardo as they hunt for proof and assist them in apprehending the culprit! Be careful along the way, you'll encounter a lot of ghosts and enigmatic happenings!





- Various personalities' colorful ghosts
- An abundance of boosters and special components accessible

- 210 degrees of unadulterated bliss

- The humorous primary characters

- Taking on difficult challenges and roadblocks

- A plot that is full of turns and turns

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40 MB

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