Mystery Solitaire – The Black Raven 5

With 200 challenging stages, Mystery Solitaire: The Black Raven 5 is a great challenge for solitaire enthusiasts.

These are mysterious and gloomy times. There are 200 challenging stages in this evil solitaire game. Complete each solitaire by gathering the cards one at a time. There are 200 levels in the game, which are distributed throughout 20 locations. You'll spend endless hours being entertained by a large number of levels! Your cunning will be put to the test by the levels' difficulty and the game's unusual balance. For those who enjoy solitaire, this is a real test!





- 200 levels spread across 20 locations
- Solitaire card game: construct a card chain! Rely on the Joker if you find yourself stranded.
- You will receive extra coins if you have a multiplier combo! Fifteen enigmatic gifts! There are 12 themed cards and 12 card shirt styles!

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