Mystery Solitaire Powerful Alchemist 2

In Mystery Solitaire Powerful Alchemist 2, travel back in time to become a formidable alchemist.

Become a powerful alchemist by traveling back in time to the Middle Ages! This is the latest installment of the well-liked series. The game consists of 200 stages spread across 20 locations, each of which you must finish to earn special potions. Playing 200 levels a day is a lot of fun! You can enjoy and challenge your intellect at the same time thanks to the game's unique balance and challenging stages.




- Levels that are enjoyable to tackle
- Solitaire card game: build a chain of cards!

- Vibrant images and a catchy soundtrack make this the ideal solitary game!
- The joker helps you draw cards more quickly.

- When you enhance the multiplier combo, you get extra coins!

- Gather fifteen alchemical remedies!

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