My Brother Rabbit

An experience where reality and a child's imagination collide in a bizarre setting.

A small rabbit wants to do anything he can to help his sick friend the flower recover in this wonderful country of imagination. To continue on his quest, the rabbit will need to utilize his cunning to solve puzzles modeled like beloved point-and-click games. Assist the rabbit in playing minigames, discovering hidden items, and putting together odd technology in a world devoid of common sense. Take part in this vibrant journey through five amazing realms that include melting clocks, enormous mushrooms, levitating baobabs, robo-moose, and other amazing sights that will challenge your preconceived notions about reality.





- A heartwarming tale of bravery and love.

- A ton of hidden objects, minigames, and environmental puzzles.

- Assist siblings as they explore their imaginative worlds

- Amazing images that combine abstract, surreal, and real

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