Mosaics Galore Challenging Journey

Mosaics Abound: An Exciting Adventure!
You are in for 100 fascinating mosaics!

The magical land in Mosaics Galore's Challenging Journey requires your assistance once more! The worlds of fairy tales have been cursed! To break the spell on the magical creatures, repair mosaic puzzles and obtain magical keys! It's time to go on an adventure! You'll encounter the most remarkable monsters and characters from your beloved folktales and fairy tales along the way! Look at a series of mosaics designed to make you think. Work your way through these patchwork puzzles to guess the image, which features mysterious settings, woodland creatures, noblewomen, magicians, and children of fire! When you solve each mosaic, you'll uncover this amazing land's amazing delights! Experience the nostalgia of bygone days! Experience a world of tales and legends without ever leaving your house! More than ten hours of gameplay with lovely, calming, and joyful music.





- 120 unique puzzle patchwork mosaics.

- Five locations and five different materials.

- An unusual fantasy setting.

- Special quests and 18 trophies for the real pros.

- Entertaining gameplay for players of all ages.

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