Mediterranean Journey 5

Investigate the Mediterranean area!
In Travel the Mediterranean 5,

Investigate the Mediterranean area! You will discover the essence and culture of the Mediterranean while having a great time touring its towns and islands. For your recollections, you can compile photo albums including animals. There are two places to go at every level. There are ten distinct minigames available. Memory and solitaire are the two card games available. You should play the clutter game, locate 15 distinctions in the scenario, and clear the board in the mahjong game. Discover how to escape the labyrinth, solve jigsaw puzzles to discover new places, break through wooden tiles in the amazing match 2 game to reveal new areas, locate collections of various animal groups, find two matching objects to clear the board, and rotate puzzle pieces to discover new places.





- Discover the Mediterranean region
- Compile incredible collections
- Take pleasure in stunning visuals and captivating minigames
- Identify the differences in the scene
- Play difficult mahjong puzzles
- Clear the clutter
- Solve amazing match 2 game
- Repetition favorite levels and minigames

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