Around the World 2 with the Johnson Family

Explore the globe and enjoy an amazing experience traveling to various locations with the Johnson Family.

Explore the world! You will not only have a great time exploring various sites throughout the world, but you will also learn about their spirit and culture. You can make albums with animal photographs for your recollections. Each level has two places to visit as well as ten different mini-games. There are two card games: memory and solitaire, and in the mahjong game, you must clean the board, find 15 differences in the scene, and play the clutter game. To view the next location, you must find a way out of the labyrinth, explore new and unique regions by completing jigsaw puzzles, unblock wooden tiles in an astonishing match 2 game, find collections of different animal groupings, and find two matching things. Even the most seasoned player will be challenged by the three degrees of difficulty: EASY, NORMAL, and HARD. In the choices menu, you can choose between jumbled phrases and/or missing letters, and you must find the morphing object in each level to gain extra money!





- Explore the world

- Gather amazing collections

- Enjoy beautiful graphics and exciting mini-games

- Find the differences in the scene

- Play challenging mahjong puzzles

- Clean up the clutter

- Solve amazing match 2 game

- Repeat favorite levels and mini-games

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