Marcus Level

Assist Marcus, who is stuck in Marcus Level of a video game.

Marcus reasoned that while his parents were away, he could play his favorite videogame, Gorbar and the Valley of the Seven Light Towers. Unfortunately, he got shifted into the actual game! To escape Game Over and make it back to his planet, Marcus must complete the game and free Princess Aria from the villainous Vipkrad. This is a straightforward runner-style game that lets you explore the cartoon world of Marcus Level. While evading the attackers and trying to gather every mirror shard, gather every Chokobongo!





- All of Marcus Level's universe in an exclusive platform game
- Discover 4 worlds through 20 levels
- Gain all of the badges in each level
- Become the best by winning all of the trophies
- Unlock all 20 artworks in the Gallery mode
- Will you find all of the secrets scattered throughout each world?

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250 MB

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