Mahjong World Contest 2

Play in a Mahjong competition!
Gain a higher rating to climb the Champions ladder.

Participate in a match of Mahjong. Accumulate points and experience by finishing over 100 distinct levels with varying degrees of difficulty and flow. Enter a plethora of golden tiles! Gain a higher rating to climb the Champions ladder. An avid player of Mahjong, the main character is competing in the global Modern Mahjong Puzzle event. There are multiple tours for the competition. Additionally, you need to have the appropriate rating in order to participate in any of the trips. You have to take out the gold tiles on each level. Mahjong World Contest has a large number of them, which enhances the variety of the deals and makes the game more engaging. Levels with roaming tiles are enjoyable for more seasoned players. The levels are divided into two categories based on the number of suits: levels that require the complete set of seven suits to advance, and levels where fewer suits are needed to advance.





- Special stages to maintain the game's excitement

- A tranquil Zen garden with soothing music. An ambience with Oriental flavour.

- Massive eighteen-layer sales! Fun increases with layer count!

- Drape yourself in splendour! Turn into the next champion!

- Still not sure? Get it now! You're in for gold trophies.

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