MahJong Stories: Vampire Romance

Sick people suffer at the hands of an elderly vampire.
Do you have the guts to confront the monster?

Edward experienced sleeplessness for a long time and saw things that others did not. He tried to run away from all the nightmares one day, but he was caught up by his bad fate close to the strange cemetery. The Savior, who was courageous and astute enough to unlock all the riddles and breach the cursed seals, was its only hope as its wretched souls languished under the merciless rule of the old vampire. Edward made the decision to remain and challenge tally Magic mahjong puzzles and extra HOPA levels abound in Orlok's captivating horror game, Mahjong Stories: Vampire Romance. A trip through the cursed graveyard awaits you with intriguing characters, a plot that is deftly woven, an unexpected conclusion, and a ton of secrets! Are you brave enough to go to the old vampire's mansion and issue a challenge to him? The text is bold.





- A terrifying atmosphere of terror

- A deftly constructed story with an unexpected conclusion

- Ghosts, vampires, and more graveyard occupants

- Thirteen additional HOGs and seventy mahjong puzzles

- Gorgeous visuals and soundtrack

- The ideal method to pass the time for everyone who enjoys horror and puzzle-solving

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