Mahjong Magic Journey

To release the charmed creatures from the clutches of a bold predator, solve Mahjong puzzles!

All the magical forest's enchanted animals have been apprehended and imprisoned by someone! To release the animals and track down the predator that imprisoned them, it is now up to you to solve calming Mahjong puzzles! Explore six amazing, exotic worlds with 120 different levels to complete. Each planet has entrancing landscapes, a quaint feel, and a calming soundtrack. Crack the codes to unlock the cages containing the amazing animals and release them from the villain's clutches. Set out on an amazing Mahjong journey in a magical realm of fairy tales!





- Free the magical animals from confinement!

- Over a hundred original levels

- Played for more than 7 hours

- A wonderful world with amazing animals and captivating sceneries

- Have courage! Set out on an adventure!

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40 MB

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