Mahjong Magic Journey 2

Full Mahjong games to fit every style.
Explore a fantastical land!

Explore an enchanted realm! Go explore the enchanted Crystal Cave. Enjoy your time lounging in the Air Harbor and stay warm in the Frozen Desert. Mahjong games in their whole to fit any style. Some levels are classical, themed, incredibly fast for times when you need to save time, high levels with 15 layers for when you want to push your brain to the limit, and massive 200 tile levels for lengthy journeys! With captivating views of the game's beautiful universe, immerse yourself in more than seven hours of gameplay across 120 distinct levels spread throughout six amazing and uncharted realms. There are unique activities and golden tiles for every level. Experience a fantastical realm! A mystical atmosphere and more than seven hours of gameplay. More than a hundred unique levels-Classic levels of Mahjong, suitable for all tastes; 200 tiles, 15 layers. Unique assignments and unique gold tiles.

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