Magica Travel Agency – Las Vegas

Take a trip to Las Vegas with "Magica" travel agency.

The travel company Magica can transport you to a world of incredible experiences! The intricate realm with its own set of riddles. Original gameplay will not disappoint fans of the well-liked Match 3 genre. Obstacles will attempt to stop you during the game, but it usually doesn't matter. All you have to do is assist a local, and he will break through the obstacle so you may continue on your journey. Magica is maybe one of the rare titles in its category that incorporates the finest techniques from recent years. Not to be overlooked is the existence of non-standard bonuses, which enhances both the dynamics and the number of alternatives available for combining bonuses to complete challenging tasks. Generally speaking, seeing is preferable to hearing a hundred times!





  • Construct a brand-new Las Vegas!
  • Construct 14 structures.
  • Assist 25 local citizens
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Amazing gaming experience
  • More than 200 thrilling stages
  • Achieve Success
  • Outstanding artwork
  • A soothing soundtrack
  • Time-limited and move modes
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35 MB

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