Imperial Island 4

Emperor Omadan is to be assisted in the establishment of a new Empire.

Once governed by the sagacious Emperor Omadan, a vast empire flourished under his rule. Joy coursed through its populace, while envy stirred amongst Omadan's adversaries, who watched from afar. However, after years of prosperity, relentless invasions by the empire's adversaries commenced. Valiant battles ensued, yet the Emperor's forces were ultimately subdued by the ferocity of their foes. Faced with the looming threat of annihilation upon his people, the Emperor was compelled to make a difficult yet imperative decision: he led all surviving remnants in search of a haven wherein his empire could be reconstructed. Assistance is sought in the endeavor to establish a new Empire under Emperor Omadan's guidance.




- The Emperor's endeavor to construct a new empire awaits your assistance!

- Over 12 structures are to be meticulously erected to fortify the burgeoning Empire.

- Immerse yourself in fantastic gameplay, where strategic decisions shape the destiny of the Empire.

- Navigate through more than 150 exhilarating levels, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for growth.

- Unlock various achievements as you contribute to the resurgence of the Empire under Emperor Omadan's leadership.

- Delight in brilliant artwork that brings the world of the new Empire to life.

- Enjoy a relaxing soundtrack that accompanies your journey towards establishing a formidable realm.

- Choose between timed and relaxed options, allowing for a tailored gaming experience suited to your preferences.

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