Macabre Ring: Amalia’s Story

Look into a strange homicide!
Aid the authorities in deciphering the Macabre Ring's enigma!

In Berkshire, people are going missing. Amalia was a girl who was discovered in an abandoned prison, but she died for an unexplained reason. Two cops who discovered her are blamed for her death note. They are innocent, though! In an effort to clear their names and identify the killer, the detectives launch an investigation. They discover an enigmatic ring bearing odd symbols, which quickly leads them to believe that magic is at play in this case. Can you learn what transpired at that closed prison? Would you like additional information about the ring? Take a look at this detective puzzle!





- 150 thrilling levels of Match 3 and Hidden Object

- An investigation board that is updated with fresh information

- Discover the events around Amalia.

- Assist Andy and Smith in clearing their names

- Discover the history of the enigmatic ring.

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