Lost Artifacts – Time Machine Collector’s Edition

A shadowy antagonist is destroying everything with a time machine!
Aid in resolving the temporal paradoxes!

Play the captivating casual strategy game Lost Artifacts and embark on an adventure through a universe filled with fascinating inventions and extinct creatures. A fantastical realm, with more than 50 levels, a captivating tale, easy-to-learn gameplay, and a variety of tasks are all waiting for you right now! Make portals, fix magnificent structures, look for extinct animals, get past obstacles, and handle resources. A straightforward tutorial and easy controls will make learning the fundamentals of the game a breeze. Reveal Lost Relics: Resolve Time Paradoxes!





- A world filled with fantastical inventions and extinct creatures energy generators, portals, and the Sands of Time will all help you track down and defeat the bad guys!
- A humorous storyline, vibrant illustrations, and endearing characters!
- A wide range of unique quests that you have never seen before.
- More than 40 distinct levels.
- Dangerous adversaries include dinosaurs, krakens, mammoths, drones, and skeletons. Four unique locations rocky mountains, boundless deserts, impenetrable rainforests, and valleys of perpetual snow are unmatched.
- Very helpful extras: run quickly, halt quickly, and accelerate time.
- Simple controls and a simple to comprehend tutorial.
- Over 20 hours of thrilling gameplay suitable for players of all ages.
- Interesting theme soundtrack.

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